Organizer:The Busiest Art Museum Plan and Damei Art Center
Curator:Qin Zhexing; Zhang Zhun
Exhibition time:1st June to 15th June, 2019
Opening time:31st May , 2019 15:00 pm

    Damei art Center

    7 Qingnian Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    The first 3CM international trend miniature art exhibition 

    This is a international 3CM trend miniature art exhibition held by the Busiest Art Museum Plan and the Damei Art Center from June 1st to June 15th, 2019. All art projects include 3CM. The artistic concept or 3CM visual effects are presented in the art gallery space of Damei.


    As a toy that could stimulate imagination and creativity, the tendency doll is deeply loved and sought after by the hipsters. Numbers of top artists and designers are involved in the creation of dolls, which have brought many fashionable young people into the collection team. On the other hand, miniature art does not really entered the public eye in China. The miniature art will reduce the proportion of the original object or the imaginary scene, the object, preserve the functional consciousness of the work, create a new understanding in aesthetics. There has been a change between time and space. It is an art form that changes shape but does not change its spirit.


    We are fortunate to have invited world-renowned miniature artists and designers, independent artists, and trend toy companies to have 100 artists to participate in this exhibition. This exhibition will be a fierce collision and reconstruction of trend art and miniature art in content innovation and expression. Through collision and communication, the trend art and miniature art create new language forms and energy fields in the art, watering them into an organic soil combining art and art. Let the trending art and miniature art in the commercial market can be beneficial, sustainable development, diffusion, influence and nourishment.


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