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Member Status Qualification
Premier Member Free
Gold Member Accumulated over RMB 50,000 of the day or accumulated over RMB 200,000 of the year
Platinum Member Accumulated over RMB 200,000 of the day or accumulated over RMB 1,000,000 of the year
How to became a member
Premier Member free online registration
Follow Beijing Damei Art Center WeChat and use a mobile phone to become a premier member.
Upgrade to gold or platinum member
After completing the premier member registration, it will automatically upgrade the member status based on the accumulated spending points.
  • Premier Member
  • Gold Member
  • Platinum Member
One point for every Yuan spent at Damei Art Center, no point for less than one Yuan.
Points earned from the previous year will be expired at December 31 of the year.
Member Benefit
  Discount Bonus points for gift
Premier Member No All members can use the reward points to exchange gift or redeemed the points for exclusive coupons at the end of each year.
Gold Member Gold card members can enjoy the corresponding discount
Platinum Member Platinum Members can enjoy the corresponding discount
1. Membership cards and card points are for personal use only and may not be used by others for any reason, and may not be used for any profitable purposes.
2. Members of Beijing Damei Art Center adopt real-name system. ID card must be presented for points redemption of gifts and membership activities. Please provide true and complete personal information to avoid affecting your member benefits. Beijing Damei Art Center will not publish, edit or disclose your information without your authorization.
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