Damei Information
  • 1/05.2019 The first 3CM international trend miniature art exhibition
  • 2/03.2019 2019世界现代艺术大师巡展 2019.03.30-04.30
  • 3/03.2019 北京首家妙膳轻素茶火锅,即将开业
  • 4/03.2019 百老汇经典音乐剧、开心小麻花《三只小猪》于达美艺术中心爆笑开演!
Business office
Green Office
Awarded the International LEED Gold Medal
Energy saving green building;
The natural stone curtain wall creates a long lasting classical facade;
Panoramic views make Damei the most comfortable office in east 4th ring.
Atr Center
Gallery、Art Museum
The Elegance of Art
Beauty lies in every corner of Art Center. Damei art center combines art and contemporary business etiquette creating a GALLERY with culture and art at the core. Art brings together the beauty of the universe and allows us to enjoy it. With an elegant artistic atmosphere, the Damei Art Center builds a perfect platform where art meets the lifestyle of business elites.
Oakwood Hotels
Hotel serviced
Feels at “Home”
Damei Center partnered with Oakwood management company and Steve Leung Designers to establish a distinguished residence hotel. The Oakwood residence consists of studio to 3-bedroom suites between the 20th and 30th floor of Damei building one, resulting in pristine city views. The suites use water sourced from hotsprings 2,600 meters underground, providing unmatched luxury, helping business professionals feel at “home”.
The World YUN
All is one
Penthouse Suites on top of Damei Center
12 private residences overlooking the Beijing skyline are aligned with elite Chinese traditions. The World Yun is among the Premier global community in the east side of Beijing.
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